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 Amy Csorny, Library Media Specialist                                           Grades 7 through 12                                                                                  Al Cirone, Principal

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    Babylon Junior-Senior High School


Last update April 24, 2015

Watch what Chloe started...

 What a change from yesterday!

Collaborative, Cooperative, Creative...

And proud of their work!

Why a MakerSpace?

Take a look at this...Chris R. made my day! 

It's still all about the books and facilitating interest driven inquiry!

So in my Origami space, I have put out several "How To" guides.

In my LEGO space I have LEGO books and instruction guides.

In both, I provide Chromebooks so the curious can continue 

past what I provide. 

And then I hold my breath and wait for a moment like this!

Chris asked if he could 


As my respected colleague Kristina Holzweiss said to me, 

and all dedicated Librarians know...

It's a Hook for the Book!


MakerSpace News

Finally! A girl checks out the 


Leave it to Chloe G. to break the ice.

There's always a game changer in the crowd!  

Thanks, Chloe!

Like this game changer to the left?

I love this advertisement from 2014!

          Dig Deeper by clicking on the                                                                                                advertisement.


                                                                                 See Chloe and her creation on the right.

Mission Statement

   It is the pleasure of the Babylon Junior Senior High School Library Media Center to present a dynamic and engaging learning environment by:

                                                           * reflecting a love of reading for personal and intellectual fulfillment

                                                           * supporting the educational goals of the school's curriculum

                                                           * teaching information literacy to bolster student achievement

                                                           * curating and circulating current, rich information resources in multiple formats

                                                           * providing and maintaining efficient and engaging technology tool

                                                           * fostering critical thinking, collaboration and responsible digital citizenship

Making a MakerSpace!


You never know what you'll find... come on down to the 

Library Media Center.

You might see this, this or this! Stop in and spend some time in our new MakerSpace!

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The most frequently mentioned source of books 
for reading for fun: 


Ages 6-11: 77%
Ages 12-17: 58%

Scholastic, 2015. Kids and Family Reading Report, 5th Edition. New York: Scholastic, Inc. p. 51.
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Check out our mystery readers...how many do you know?


    Reading Now:                                                       MyREADS 2014 - 2015...Try one!


Friday Question Wednesday

What social media platform do you use most often?

125 students responded today.

Instagram - 46

Twitter - 20

Tumblr - 11

None - 11

Snapchat - 7

Facebook - 6

also mentioned: Xbox Live, vine, google+, reddit, gmail,

Just in! 2014 YALSA Teens Top Ten...

Even Wierd Al Yankovic chooses his words wisely!

       BJHS Summer Reading Resources 2014

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Take the 

Summer Reading Survey!

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Summer Reading Symbaloo 

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Register for

 New York Senate's

Summer Reading Program


Senator Phil Boyle, 4th District

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                    tried SYNC!

Video Tutorials and More 

Mrs. Csorny's Smore Video Tutorial



                   WHAT'S EXPECTED? 

                    SEE: Project Rubric


    How to Submit Your Finished Work 

SYNC...Free YA Audio Books for 

Summer ONLY!

           Paired Audio Fiction and Classics.

Download and keep forever! Check this out, it's awesome! Site targets students 13+.

Stop in and say hello!


 Mrs. Amy Csorny, Library Media Specialist

Mr. Al Cirone, Principal


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Ready for a challenge?


Gamers, check this out:

The YALSA 2014 HUB Reading Challenge began February 3rd. I've decided to accept the challenge. Participants must read 25 award winners by June 22. Books to read for the challenge are listed on YALSA's HUB Challenge website. If you're up to a challenge, click the badge above to check it out. 

Gen i Revolution is an online game for Middle and High School students. It contains 15 "missions" that build financial skills while you play. Mission topics include credit, budgeting and investing for the future. Click the image above to get started.

On Valentine's Day, gift a good read!


A Quick Look Around the LMC...


Common Core-ner
Can you make the Core-nection?

Hint: Anyone thinking Dickens?

Common Core Standard: Responding to Literature

      CCW11: Create a presentation, art work, or text in response to a

      literary work with a commentary that identifies connections and 

      explains divergences from the original.

      a. Make well-supported personal, cultural, textual, and thematic            connections across genres.